Support for Temporary Childcare Services For University Students


Hitotsubashi University provides financial support for a part of expenses incurred for temporary childcare services and babysitting during the academic and research terms or for attending conferences in order to support a balance between childbirth, childcare, and studies. Please read through the information below for more details. We encourage all students to use this opportunity for financial assistance for childcare services.



Service Period

 -From April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023

 (Students must register before using the service. Please read the section, “How to Apply,” on the next page.)



 Students who have difficulty in maintaining a balance between studying, doing research, and raising a child or children without childcare support services because their spouse works, studies, or is hospitalized are eligible for this service. 

  Eligible student types are:

 -Degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate (Master's Programs, Doctoral Programs and Professional School Programs) students at Hitotsubashi University.

 [*including students who have currently withdrawn from the course(s) but plan to re-enroll within three months.]

 -Credited Auditors, etc. Special Register Students

 In cases wherein applicants do not fall within any of the categories listed here, the Gender Equality Promotion Office will consider their eligibility based on individual circumstances.


Children Eligible to Receive this Service

 - From infants to year three primary school children
 - Primary school children up through year six who need special care (holding a Physical   Disability Certificate or Rehabilitation Certificate)


Service Contents Acceptable for this Service

 - Temporary childcare
 - In-home babysitting for extended daycare (night/holiday childcare and daycare for sick or convalescent children)

    * The service is available only within the academic or research terms (including TA, RA, and conference attendance). 

    * This service does not include the ordinary fees for daycare services, additional fees for housekeeping, enrollment fees, annual fees, or cancellation fees.


Subsidy Amount and Limitation

 (1) 10,000 JPY will be subsidized per day.

  * If the fee is less than 10,000 JPY, the exact price for the daycare will be subsidized.


 (2) The maximum annual subsidy per child is 55,000 JPY in principle.

 * The maximum amount of subsidy may be reconsidered every half a year.


How to Apply

 (1) Complete a registration form ([Extract 1] Registration) and submit it with a certificate of employment or school certificate of an alternative guardian and a copy of the maternity record book (include the cover page and the page of the birth certificate with the names of the parents and child) to the following address.

  * You can submit the documents by post or in person, but email is not acceptable.

  * If you do not have a maternity record book, submit a certificate of residence (with all the family members) and a copy of the child’s passport.


Where to Apply

    Kunitachi Campus  : Gender Equality Promotion Office

    Chiyoda Campus (only for ICS students)  :   Administration Office, International Corporate Strategy

             * After confirming eligibility based on the registration, the Gender Equality Promotion Office will directly contact applicants.


 (2) Complete an application form ([Extract 2] Application) 3 days prior to the date of need for childcare services and submit it with a copy of an application form for temporary childcare service or a copy of a contract with the babysitter company (see Note 1) to the Gender Equality Promotion Office.

    * Online submission via e-mail is acceptable in this case.

  [Note 1] This must be submitted when students use this service for the first time or change the place where the childcare service has taken place or the babysitter company.

  [Note 2] In principle, students must complete a new application form every time they use the childcare services.


Procedures after Service Use

 (1) Send or submit the receipts of the concerned person where the childcare service has taken place or of the babysitter company to the Gender Equality Promotion Office within 5  days after the use of the childcare services. If the services provided were outside of the academic or research terms, students must also submit documents to prove that they were attending study groups or conferences (e.g. certificate of attendance).


 (2) When students use the childcare services due to the sickness/hospital admission of spouses, they must submit the necessary documents (documents for hospitalization, medical certificate, or copies of receipts from hospitals). 


 (3) After receiving and checking all the aforementioned documents, the university will transfer the subsidy to the designated bank account within approximately 3-4 weeks.




 - This financial support system is based upon Childcare Support Funds as the special project organized by Hitotsubashi University Koenkai (supporting groups).


 - Subsidy amounts and maximum annual services will change according to the amount of contributions and the number of people who use the service. In case of change, the

  Gender Equality Promotion Office will directly contact the service users in due course.


 - Please contact us immediately when service users become ineligible to receive the service (e.g. leave the university).


 - If the users do not follow the regulations concerning wrongful acts in using this service, the university may invalidate their registration.


 - All applicants are asked to participate in questionnaires.