Research Assistant Program (for Researchers)


Hitotsubashi University offers the Research Assistant Program for instructors or their spouses (only if they are a researcher who is employed by a university, university shared use institution or independent administrative agency), in order to help them achieve a balance between their research and childbirth, childcare or nursing care obligations.


Under the program, Hitotsubashi University graduate students are hired as research assistants to every extent possible and the field of work must relate to the student’s future career path. This program is being funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology through its Program to Supporting Research Activities of Female Researchers, part of the Grant Program for Funds for the Development of Human Resources in Science and Technology. Participants in the Research Assistant Program will be solicited biannually.


The work of research assistants shall be limited to assistance with research, which shall entail aiding research, aiding investigations/studies, data analysis, and preparation of academic materials or reports, among other items and duties.


When determined that it aids the balance of the childbirth, childcare or nursing care obligations of an instructor or their spouse, the research assistant shall be able to directly aid in research activities as well as aid in lectures and other research activities.


Call for Applications from Researchers requiring Research Assistance for FY2024 (October to March ) 


Hitotsubashi University has  the Research Assistant Program in order to aid researchers who are unable to secure sufficient time for research due to their childbirth, childcare or nursing care obligations.


Please review the following application guidebook and points of consideration and submit your application package to the Diversity Promotion Office if you would like to apply.



・Application period: July 1 Monday to 29 Wednesday, 2024

         *Additional applications may be accepted after August 1, depending on the status of applications.

・Assignment period: October 1 to March 31

・Number of researchers being selected: approximately 10

     *In the case of oversubscribed, deliberate on priority of support requirements.

・Application guidebook:(PDF

・Application form:(Word


Contact point/Submit applications to:

Diversity Promotion Office (1F, East Plaza, East Campus)

Tel. 042-580-8730